Sunday, April 11, 2010


Wow. It's been a month since I got there and I only posted "day 1" of the trip. Lame. So here are days 2-7: (also, pictures area little out of order and some are repeats. can't figure it out right on my lap!)

Day 2: We went to Dani's gym. She works in the daycare for a few hours, then gets to go workout herself. So that's what we did. And let me tell you, a good, sweaty workout followed by ten minutes of breastfeeding makes you feel like you've burned a million calories. (Which reminds me, I have access to a full gym at work so I'm starting to work out a little more. And yes, I'm sore.) Also, no pictures of that. Sorry.

Day 3: San Antonio Children's Museum.
Oh man. If this place wasn't AMAZING. Three floors of the most fun things you could imagine. We spent close to three hours there and still didn't see everything. The highlights: the ball thing (lots of tubes and air and ways to get plastic balls into a huge bin that would randomly dump them all out), the full-sized airplane cockpit, the mini-house, and the miniature HEB grocery store. The grocery store was probably my favorite...they even had actual computerized check-out stands where you could ring-up your groceries out of the mini-shopping cart. So fun!!!

Day 4: SEA WORLD!!!!!!!!!! Orcas, Sea Lions, Dolphins, Sharks, Penguins, was just so exciting that we had to go back the next day.

Day 5: Sea World again (because a daily admission pass is good for a year!) but this time, with Uncle Mat!!!!!

Evening of Day 5: Dani and the girls and I got to go out. I got my hair cut and we went out to dinner. It was a toss-up between Olive Garden and a steakhouse. We went for the steakhouse because of the name:

Day 6: Church in Texas (I grabbed a Spanish hymnal and couldn't figure out why it wasn't the right song...) and a laid-back afternoon at Mat and Dani's...which involved cookie-making.

Day 6: I packed and Dani took me to the airport. And then she came back and got my when I took a voluntary bump because my flight was oversold! (Which got me $800 in Delta flight vouchers and a hotel for the night. Which is a long story in and of itself...with the horrible web of lies!!!... but I just stayed the night at Dani's.) Oh, and before we left, we took these:

So after Dani picked us up, we went to the mall and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. We also took the boys to Build-a-Bear where they made a bear together. He will be traveling between the two of them until it becomes uncool.

Day 7: We flew home for real. Only this time it was in First Class.

We had such a good time. We can't wait to go back! And I'm so grateful to have a best friend like Dani!!!!!!!!!


debbie said...

Sara, you are lucky to have Dani. As I was reading I was thinking that you guys remind me of my sister and me. I'm so glad you have a "sister"!

Sara said...

Tyson is literally green with envy that you got to go to San Antonio! I told him about that mini HEB and he got so excited! We love that store! We may be moving to Dallas in a few months. The place we're looking at has HEB 40 min away, which Tyson says we will be visiting once a week! :) Anyway, glad you got home safe! Sounds like you had a blast and you're soooo brave for taking 2 kids on a plane by yourself! Go you!!

Dani said...

I'm about to call AT&T.

debbie said...

I was leaving a comment on your post from today and it all of a sudden occurred to me that I spelled your name wrong when I commented on this post! The brain is so weird. I know how to spell your name, I promise!