Friday, August 29, 2008

What A Day...

First, I have to tell you one little thing that will come into play later. Last week, I accidentally bought an air freshener. I usually get this awesome apple-cinnamon one but I grabbed a country berry one by accident. And now every time I walk into my house, it reminds me of my Great-Aunt Eunie's house. It's not a bad thing by any means. It's very nostalgic and happy. It's just not my apple cinnamon. So...

Logan and I had a really good day today! Nothing super special, just all-in-all a good day. We played outside in the morning like usual and on our way in for lunch/nap time, we ran into our neighbor who was headed to the pool and asked if we wanted to come. I told her no because Logan needed to nap and we went in. So for the two hours he was down, I just thought about what a perfect day it was to go to the pool. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right at a wonderful 85 degrees. So when he woke up, we got changed, slathered on the sunscreen, grabbed our pool pass, and headed down.

When we first got there, we went straight to the kiddie pool. It's 6 inches deep on one side, then gradually gets deeper to a foot and a half. I thought this would be fun. And I was wrong. Logan was NOT a fan. He just whined and cried unless I was holding him. So after about ten minutes of that, I was starting to get really hot and I wanted to go in the real pool. So I scooped him up and we went to cool off. is response wasn't much different at first, but after a few minutes of walking back and forth he got the idea that the pool was, in fact, quite nice. He even started letting me toss him in the air and catch him half in the water and cracked up every time I did it.

When I had sufficiently cooled off and had adequate pool time, we got out and went back to the kiddie pool. This time, Logan had a ball. He started playing with another boy who was about two (and his mom kept calling him "Relish" which I'm not sure if that was a nickname or a horrible real name...) and he even walked all the way to the "deep end" and back. It was so much fun to watch! So when it hit 4:00 I decided it was time to head back. And on the 20 minute walk back home, I was thinking to myself, "Self, this is such a perfect summer day. It reminds me of when I was young." Which led me on a bunch of other tangents, but ultimately brought me back to summers of my childhood that usually involved swimming for countless hours at my Great-Aunt Eunie's with my cousins.

Just as I was thinking about all of those great times, I opened the door to my house and BAM- the air freshener!!! All of a sudden, I was 10 years old walking into Aunt Eunie's kitchen, wrapped up in a towel after swimming, and hoping there were Triscuit Pizzas waiting for Mark, Melanie, and me on the table before we headed to the living room to watch Ghostbusters. Boy did that leave me longing. It's funny how one little thing like a random air freshener can trigger such strong memories!

So as Logan and I got dry clothes on, I decided to sink into my memories and relive some of the glory days with my son. I went to the kitchen and you'll never guess what we had all of the ingredients for...TRISCUIT PIZZAS!!! So I popped those suckers in the microwave, poured some sprite into A STYROFOAM CUP (if you don't know my Aunt Eunie, you won't get that), and put in, you guessed it, our recently purchased Ghostbusters DVD! And to top it all off, I put Logan in this AWESOME lime green and blue 80's-looking Reebok romper. Then the two of us hung out in the living room eating Triscuit pizzas, drinking pop/apple juice, and watching Ghostbusters. Seriously, it was the best afternoon I could have asked for. Holy Nostalgia!


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