Saturday, October 24, 2009

BYU Homecoming Parade 2009

Oh how times have changed... (this one is '07 with Dani and James)

And this year:

Logan made bank in the candy department...I think we could even skip trick-or-treating next week!!!! Of course we won't, but we could :-)


Kathryn said...

The picture of the four of you is have a beautiful family.

And I certainly hope you won't skip trick-or-treating :)

balloongal said...

So much candy. Watch for him bouncing off the walls.

Momma Steele said...

So, you may think things have changed, but you and Zac not only look the same, but you have on the same BYU sweatshirts. They must be your fav's cuz you sure couldn't be poor starving college students.

Dani said...

AHHHH! I miss you!!! BFF Thanksgiving 2009 is going to be SO amazing! The boys (little and big) are going to have so much fun together. And we're going to cook our own turkey! EEEEE!

Lalani said...

We had fun seeing you at the parade. Thanks for saying hi! Looks like Megan didn't get quite the load that Logan did...thank goodness! :)