Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things I Did Today...

All of a sudden, my trip to New York snuck up on me. (And yes, I know "snuck" isn't a word and that it's actually "sneaked," but that sounds absurd.) Knowing that I leave Friday and that I have a TON of stuff to get done, I kind of started stressing. So I texted Liz to find out if she could maybe take the kids for a few hours and, amazing woman that she is, said no problem and to bring them right over. And do you know what I was able to accomplish in about 4 hours with no children? Let me enlighten you:

FIVE loads of laundry (thanks to the laundromat!), including towels and sheets. AND FOLDED IT ALL.

Did about 3 days worth of dirty dishes and put them away.

Repaired a suitcase zipper.

Washed the front outside window of my AND my neighbor's house. (That wasn't on my to-do list, but they were bugging me.)

Found my Halloween Shirt.

Went grocery shopping.

Solved my "I can't take juice through security at the airport and I WILL NOT pay $4.50 for a Gatorade at the gate" predicament. (Kool-Aid singles...which were on sale!)

Waxed my eyebrows and did a quick microderm abrasion facial.

Paid the gas, electric, and internet bills.

Made dinner.

Took dinner to Zac on campus.

Looked for my iPod and Logan's birth certificate. And though I didn't find them, I know a few places where they aren't now.

Sure I still have a few things to do, but all in all, it was a productive afternoon! And I feel like I owe my sister-in-law my life :-)


Julia and Aaron said...

Good job, Sarah! I know it's amazing what can get done with no children, which might take all day with them.

I was just going to say that they let us take juice on the airplane for the kids when we flew in June. They had to test it, but let us take two sippies on.

Hope you have a great trip!!!

Brad and Hailey said...

That's amazing. Good work!

BriAnna Jenkins said...

I give you 10 points for getting things done and and additional 10 points for using a steno pad for your to do list... the only way to go!

debbie said...

So what did we do with all our free time BEFORE we had kids?

balloongal said...


Sara said...

Oh my goodness! Kids just take so much time! Can I borrow your sis-in-law?!! :)