Thursday, October 22, 2009

Punkin' Carvin'

The quality of these pictures is...well...horrendous. But I have nothing other than my camera phone (which was dirty, apparently) since our camera is pretty much shot, so at least I am capturing the moments in some form.

Logan dictated the shapes he wanted ("Square eyes. Heart. Scary.") and that's what he got. And Kaylee just got a tiny pumpkin, so I painted it and gave it a skull and crossbones with a sparkly bow. Kind of precious if you ask me. Zac just did a 5-minute face carving on his (which surprised me since he usually goes all out) and I will probably do mine after I'm done with this post. Guess you'll have to stay tuned for pictures of all of them out on our porch to see mine :-)

And yes, that is Matt DiPerri. He is at our house. In Utah. And it makes us happy!!!!