Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Weekend Part Deux...

Well today was party day! I got up this morning and hid Logan's present that we got last night (because it was big and I wasn't about to waste time wrapping it). After that I started the potato salad, thawed the white hots, thawed some red raspberries for fruit salad, and baked the cake. And surprisingly enough, I didn't mess up the cake!!!!!! After it cooled I frosted it and made:

A Wall-E cake!!!! There's actually a Wall-E cake pan that Wilton makes, but I wasn't about to spend $20 on a pan I would likely use once, so I just did a normal 9X13 and frosted it all cute-like. I was kinda proud of it :-)

Two of Logan's good friends came...Parker and Kanoa. Parker also brought his little brother, Evan, and his parents. And Kanoa brought his mom and aunt. His cousin Casey (who recently came home form serving a mission for our church in Chile) also made it, along with Aunt Savannah and her friend Owen (who Logan also loves to pieces). Add Logan and us, and it was a pretty full house. Which wouldn't have been a problem had it not started DOWNPOURING ten minutes before the party started. And yes, it continued until after everybody left. Which also meant that the hot dogs (white, polish, and classic) we had intended to grill had to be cooked inside on our George Foreman grill. But whatever, they were still tastey!

After the food we did presents and Logan got sooo much cool stuff! He got a bike from Grandma and Grandpa Steele (and Aunt Nana, of course):

A school bus from Kanoa, a Crayola ColorWonder kit from Parker, a book that he ADORES from his Great-Aunt Karen, movies from his Great-Grandparents, golf clubs from Aunt Liz (that he got to open before she left), and a ton of stuff from Grandma and Grandpa Thomas that included (but was not limited to) super-cute clothes, a life jacket, Wall-E swim trunks (which he would wear to bed if we let him), books, and Cars cars :-)

And lastly, we thought about making him wait until tomorrow for our present, but it was taking up too much room in our downstairs bathroom, so we gave it to him this evening:

Yep. It's a "Baskey Ball Hoop." He is a huge fan :-)

After presents, we dove into the cake (which had the candle blown out twice by me laughing and once by Parker before Logan finally got his chance...but he did it!) and then everyone headed home.

And the rain finally stopped. Oh well, I think he had a good time :-)


Tess said...

That cake is AWESOME! I love it. And I'm never letting my future kids see your blog because they will know I'm a failure. :) Happy birthday Logan!

Cel and JP said...

Happy Birthday, Logan! You sure have good taste in friends :) Enjoy the baksey ball hoop - hope you learn to slam dunk mommy's freshly folded laundry soon :)P.S. Tell your mom the cake looked AWEsome!! Elena better only want cakes that are decorated like cakes ... cuz ... yah... :)

Mel said...

Aw cute! Great job on the cake. Happy birthday to Logan!!

Julia & Aaron said...

Happy Birthday Logan! It looks like you guys had a great time! We got Eldon that same basketball hoop for his 2nd birthday:). I've been meaning to write on your blog to tell you congratulations on graduation and the baby for a long time so congrats! I'm excited for your new baby. I absolutely love little girls:).

Dani said...

I'm SOO impressed by the birthday cake Sarah. I can't believe you! You are amazing. I'm so sad James couldn't be there to steal all Logan's new toys and blow his candle out. Oh well. Another time. Happy Birthday Logan you big boy!

Sondra said...

Ok seriously, you have the CUTEST LITTLE BOY!!! Love the pictures :)