Sunday, June 28, 2009


EEEEEEEE!!!!! I posted about the author Bree Despian a few weeks ago, but in case you didn't pay attention, I will refresh your memory. My best friend Dani has a sister-in-law (also named Danielle) who had a roommate in college named Bree. Bree happens to be on her way to a magnificent career as a published author and her book, "The Dark Divine" comes out in December. I have only read the first chapter posted on her website, but from what I can tell, it is going to kick "Twilight" in the pants. After reading only the first chapter, I was like, "Seriously??? I have to wait until DECEMBER to get my hands on this!?!?!?!" and I was a little sad. But Bree, being as cool as she is, decided to give away some signed "Advanced Reader Copies," or ARCs. (Which I someday hope to get. You know, when I get all published. Which would require me to finish my book. But I'm getting sidetracked.)

ANYWAYS, I entered the contest. AND I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To enter, she wanted to hear about your first crush. I thought about posting about being in love with Mark Cornelius in Nursery school, then about Ryan Circh in 1st grade (still upset he left me for Kati Gibeau...but whatever. She was cuter), but finally settled on Stan. Stan was our Schwann's Ice Cream delivery guy. And I loved him. And I don't really remember if he retired or just got a different route, but when he told us he wasn't delivering to us anymore, I was heartbroken. And I wrote him a song.

Well, Bree thought that was hilarious. So hilarious, in fact, that she made me the #1 winner of a signed ARC of her novel!!!!! I never win anything!!!!!! So, the official announcement of my winning is HERE if you want to get all excited with me. EEEEE!!!!!!!

(Also, I'm due in 20 days. And will be induced on the 21st of July if no action happens on its own. Life is sooooooo good!!!!!)


Dani said...

WOW! THat's so exciting!!! You WON!!! I'm so glad that your best friend's sister-in-law's old roommate picked you. :)

D said...

Love the crazy connection line - it's all about the three degrees of separation in this case. :) I am so so excited for you! The Dark Divine will be the perfect distraction and indulgence for your 8.5 month pregnant self. I seriously can't wait to read your review!!! Yay! I am so excited for you and completely jealous!

P.S. Your Stan the ice cream man crush is the best story ever!

Steffy said...

Good job winning, I'm super jealous! Please let me know if the book is awesome because I'm always looking for new things to read.