Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Big Boy Haircut...

So I've been trimming Logan's hair here and there, but we decided maybe it was time for a real haircut. I was a little hesitant to take him to just any place that does hair because I was afraid he would freak out (past experience has shown us that he does NOT like the clippers that are so convenient when cutting boy hair). So I looked around and found a place that exclusively does children's haircuts called "Cookie Cutter Haircuts for Kids." It was just up in Lehi (20 minutes north of where we live), so we went for it. The salon was had a playplace/tree house thing with a slide that Logan loved, the interior was in bright primary colors, and every haircutting station had a cool car or airplane to sit in (instead of a regular chair), and a TV where your kid can watch a movie or play Playstation. It was really sweet!

Waiting his turn with daddy

So once they called Logan's name, he got to pick out a movie to watch. They didn't have "Wall-E." We went with "Cars" instead. Then he picked an airplane to sit in. And then the hair stylist put the cutest penguin cape on him. Which is when he flipped out. Zac held his hand the whole time, but clearly it didn't help:

The stylist still did a really good job, despite the heart attack Logan was having. So after she was done giving him the cutest little faux-hawk, Logan got a sucker and a balloon and went right back to the slide like nothing had happened:

So since we were in Lehi anyways, we also stopped by Zac's cousin Emily's house. We haven't seen them in forever. Which is dumb because they only live like 20 minutes away. Oh well. I'll blame it on the pregnancy. Which could be over a month from today if I so choose. July 11th. I could be done being pregnant on July 11th. But I think I'm going to hold off because no one will be here! Savannah is going back to NY for like 3 weeks (till July 20th), Liz is moving to Vegas for the summer, and Zac's mom can't be here until the 22nd. So unless anyone else wants to come help out :-) I think I'm just going to wait for this little girl to come on her own.


Dani said...

awwww, poor boy. James freaked out at his last hair cut too. What? It doesn't hurt! What's the deal boys?

Mel said...

So handsome!!!

Sondra said...

Awww that is sooo cute and so sad! I love him! I was about to say I WILL COME HELP and then I realized I am in California not Utah. Shoot!