Friday, June 19, 2009

Birthday Weekend Part One...

Two is a big deal. Big enough for us to make a whole weekend out of it. So we started celebrating today by taking Logan up to Salt Lake to "This is the Place Heritage Park." I guess for you New Yorkers, it's comparable to Genesee Valley Country Museum. You know, old replica homes, people dressed up in period clothing, farm animals, etc. Today they were running a special...only $5 admission. So we went. Highlights included:

Walking around the farm country and looking at the "A'mals"

Being approached by the sweetest little lamb you ever saw and being TERRIFIED of it

Riding the trolley when we got too tired of walking in the heat

(No picture...sorry)
Waiting in line for 20 minutes for the horse ride which Logan was certain he wanted to do...until we actually approached the horse. Then he freaked.

Then finding the biggest hit of the day (next to all the candy Daddy gave him...notice the candy necklace): the train ride. He loved it so much, we went around SIX times. The little train circled a pond and went over a covered bridge. And every time we went through the covered bridge, Logan would put his arms up and yell "WHOA!!!" It was precious. Clearly precious enough that we went on six times :-)

So aside from all of the "traumatic" events surrounding the farm animals getting too close, this birthday weekend got off to a good start!

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Dani said...

Wearing a candy necklace? What a girl. (James is totally jealous)