Monday, June 1, 2009

Remember... I'm having a baby next month? Well it hit me today when I found out my friend, Hailey, went into labor last night. And her due date was only 2 weeks earlier than mine. And though I don't expect to go into labor super early like she did, I realized that we are SO not ready.

So that prompted me to start pulling stuff out of storage...the first thing being our infant car seat. Then after wiping it down, I realized that I really wanted a pink car seat for our little girl. That led me to researching car seat covers online...and I seriously found them ranging from $65-$120. THAT'S ABSURD!!!!

Well, that started me into craft-mode. I dismantled the car seat cover we have, made my own pattern, and set off for JoAnns. After debating forever between two main materials, I ended up settling on this one:

Super cute, right??? :-)

So I got all my materials (Velcro, elastic, material, ribbon, and thread) and ended up paying only $28.31 (with my 40% off coupon)! I was pretty psyched. Until I got home and realized I got 2 1/2 YARDS of material when I really should have gotten 2 1/2 FEET... so I'm a moron and got three times as much as I needed. I re-calculated and found out my entire car seat project really should have only cost me $17. But oh well. I can't wait to get started and post pictures!!!

(Also, I realize this doesn't get me any closer to being ready for the baby. If anything, it sets me back. But that's how my crazy pregnant brain is working these days!)


Kathryn said...

I really like that fabric :)

Also, we're needing some car repairs, and I remember you always talking about some great place. Can you send me that information? I'd really appreciate it!

Tess said...

Now you have enough fabric to make a matching blanket or something! I'm impressed with your skillz!

Lisa said...

Cute! I love the pattern. You're so crafty. You'll just have to make her a matching dress to go with it. Then, she'll be camoflauged in her car seat. LOL

BriAnna Jenkins said...

Bah ha ha ha... pregger's brain. I swear that's a real medical condition. Love the fabric... I have an apron I made with that as the accent. I totally support!

Cel and JP said...

ooooh the adorable things you can make with the rest of that cute fabric. you will not be sad you bought too much on accident :) :)

Mel said...

Very cute :) I hope your friend & her family are doing well.

You do know that Steve dumped me on my big ol' butt last Wednesday, right? I mean, I don't mind you reading if you still want to... I just figured that you wouldn't want to since that was why you did in the first place :P

If you still want to read, I will definitely add you. Just don't feel pressured to say you do, hah.

D said...

Definitely better to have too much rather than too little. :) Now you can make yourself a matching diaper bag to hang off the back of the stroller. :)