Sunday, January 13, 2008

Carpet Cleaning Miracle...

So last night after rearranging all the furniture, I was sitting with Logan in our computer chair next to the tv stand. Zac was trying to make his way through the living room with our new storage bench, so I tried to move out of the way. In doing so, I bumped the tv stand and knocked some stuff on the floor...a vase of fake flowers, a picture of the Savior, our candle warmer, and...THE CANDLE THAT WAS ON THE CANDLE WARMER! So I grabbed the candle and hot wax had spilled and was dripping everywhere. And there was about a good square foot of carpet that was covered in wax. So I got to work scraping off as much as I could with my fingernails, but the carpet was still covered. Then I asked Liz to Google how to get wax out of carpet and we found a possible solution. And it totally worked!

You have to let the wax harden and then scrape off as much of the surface wax as you can (it said to use a butter knife, but I think I had already done a decent job with my nails). After that, you take a paper bag and lay it over the wax-covered area of the carpet. Using a warm iron, you just iron the bag that is over the wax. You have to keep moving the iron so as not to burn the carpet fibers or the bag, but the heat melts the wax again and the bag absorbs it. Who ever came up with this idea is pure genius.

You can't even see where the wax was. Thankfully, we have a dark carpet, but still. So if you ever spill was on your carpet, this is the best solution I know of! Hooray for cleaning tips!!!

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BriAnna Jenkins said...

I think this is the single most amazing cleaning tip i have EVER heard. I am going to remember this one!!