Monday, January 28, 2008

Of Course I Work!!!

Logan in his best friend James' rain forest jumperoo. He loves this thing!

So I just checked my email and was asked to take a survey for BYU. It was about students enrolled in evening classes. So I was more than happy to oblige. About half way through the survey, questions appeared about marital status (married!) and if any dependent children reside in your home (1). Then questions came up about work. The first one was: What is your employment status: On-campus, Off-campus, self-employed, not working, or other. Well, I live on campus and do most of my work here, but it's not FOR the that wasn't on or off-campus. And I'm not self-employed because I work for my boss: Logan. And I am most definitely not going to say I'm not working because I work my butt off. So I chose "other." The next question was: How many hours a week do you work: Less than 10, between 10-20, 20-35, more than 35. Well, I chose more than 35. I know I may have messed with the survey a bit, and that I DEFINITELY over-thought much of it, but I think I work just as hard as those that are "employed" and going to school. The only differences are that a. People that are employed earn a physical paycheck and b. people that are employed are either on or off the clock...I am on call 24-7. So that's my rant for the day...I WORK, TOO, DANG IT!!!!!


Benjamin said...

You're totally right, Sarah; you do work, and work, and seems like breaks for moms are far and few between with restful nights only occurring every now and again. You sound like you are doing a fantastic job though! Logan looks like such a sweetie. I love looking at pics of little Logan. I especially loved the one of him asleep in his high chair. I love the rosie cheeks!! Keep up the good work!

Sara said...

AMEN-- I agree! :)