Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...

Well all, I hit the big 2-3 yesterday! It was really a fabulous day...and for those of you who care to read about the details, here they are:

Neither Zac nor I have Friday classes which, in itself is spectacular. But to have no class on my Birthday...double bonus! So we slept in, or tried to. Logan still determines when we wake up, but we didn't have to shower or get ready or anything. Good stuff. So my dad called around 8 to wish me a happy one and apologized for the fact that my card wouldn't get to me for a few more days. No big deal, but nice to know there is one on the way :-) So we putzed around the house for a while and finally got ready to go. Go where you ask? To IKEA of course!!!!

So we took Logan to his best friend's house and they played all afternoon while I got to go shopping with the husband. I asked for a storage bench (for shoes and blankets and toys) and a coat rack, so we went to Ikea in order to pick them out. If you have no clue what Ikea is, you should Google it. It is fabulous. It's like Disney World. Only home furnishing centered. And only one restaurant. But still amazing.

So I got exactly what I wanted and then headed back to get the baby. But instead of going back to an empty house while Zac had to work for a few hours, I stayed at Mat and Dani's. We played Guitar Hero, watched Gilmore Girls, played with the babies...had a good old time. Followed by pizza and the the best cake EVER (Confetti Cake with Rainbow Chip frosting) when Zac joined us later that evening. Seriously, I love that frosting. If I had to do our wedding over again, I think I would have said "forget the $400 cake. I want a Betty Crocker confetti cake with Rainbow Chip Frosting." So it was great.

We didn't have birthday candles, but made do with some that Mat and Dani had around the house. Good times! And while we ate the cake, we (as in Dani and I because the boys swear they've never had good birthdays) talked about our favorite birthdays. So here are my top three: #3: My 6th (I think!) when Mom got me a Cabbage Patch Doll cake...and Dad took my 3 friends and I sledding out behind my Aunt Eunie's house. We'd sled down this huge hill and make my dad pull the sled back up it so we didn't have to walk. Then on the last run when he was taking us back to the top, the rope snapped on the sled and we went hurdling down the hill backwards and thought we were going to die. Then, to take us back up, he threw each of us over his shoulders and hiked back up the hill carrying the sled. It was a good day! #2: My 14th. I wanted a slumber party and then to go bowling. The thing was, our car had died a few weeks before and there was no way we'd be able to take everyone. So I said it was fine, just a slumber party would do. But the next morning, we found out we were going bowling and that my parents had arranged a freaking stretch limo!!!! Seeing that thing pull in our driveway was so awesome! #1: I think I was in 3rd or 4th birthday was on a Wednesday because we went to Spaghetti Dinner at the American Legion. My God-Mother, Sue, came and I hadn't seen her in forever (and don't think I've seen her since then). So after dinner, we drove home and I noticed a ton of cars at my Grandma's. Then I noticed that a light was on in our house at about the same time I saw someone dive into a snowbank in our driveway. Turns out all the cars belonged to random family members that were throwing a surprise part for me at our house and my cousin Chris was late and was walking over when we pulled in the driveway so he tried to hide. I didn't see it yeah. I think that was my favorite birthday memory.

Logan trying to get his hands on a skewer of Garlic Beef Tenderloin...or is that one Bacon Wrapped Turkey? Either way, YUM!

Then today, Zac, Logan, Mat, Dani, James, Liz, Savannah, and I went to Tucano's Brazilian Grill. It is SOOOOO GOOD!!! We stuffed ourselves silly...then the waiters came and sang Happy Birthday to me in Portuguese while pounding on an insanely loud drum. I had to stand up and the table was awesome. Afterwards, Liz came to the house and we rearranged the entire apartment to accommodate our new storage bench. It has been a great couple of days...I really love my Birthday! Thanks to everyone over the years who have made it so special!!!!

Brazilian Lemonade...double Yum!!!

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Sara said...

I'm glad your birthday was wonderful. Sorry we couldn't make it to dinner. We missed you on Sunday! By the way, is that my shirt (pink stripes) you're wearing in the last picture? I've been wondering where that went! Ha ha! Actually I forgot all about it! :) I think you have a skirt of mine too but you can keep it also! :)