Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Semester, New Highchair...

Ok, I guess they don't really correlate, but that's what's new this week. When we were home, Logan used Madison's old highchair, which was a new experience because we didn't have one here. We were just creative in the ways we fed him. But he got used to the idea of eating in his own spot, so Aunt Liz and I went shopping. Well, when we got to Target, they only had the $120 ones in stock (yikes!) so we thought we'd try our luck at Babies-R-Us. We found a decent one for $40 that wasn't in stock, so we went for the next cheapest one. It was $60, but I still had some store credit and ended up paying about $35. He seems to like it and it folds up so it's easy to store in our pantry when we need the space.

Aside from that, school started yesterday. I didn't get to add any of the classes that I originally wanted to take because of a hold on my account. So instead of being able to add them online, I had to go to the classes with an add card and ask the professor to sign me in. The first class was the 2nd half of the New Testament. I wanted to take it from the same guy I took a class from last semester. So I went to the class (with Logan in tow because we didn't have a sitter yesterday) and asked him to sign my card. There were like 40 empty seats, so I knew it wouldn't be a problem. So I got into that class and I'm really happy about it! Then I decided to try my luck at Manufacturing 202: The History of Creativity. It fulfills a General Education requirement (civilization classes...yuck.) and I was told it's the best class EVER. There were 225 spots...all taken. So I went just to see if I stood a chance of getting in. Turns out there were about 70 other people thinking the same thing. So there was a "lottery" going on where the TA was going to draw 25 names and add them to the class. Well, as luck would have it, I was number 23. Yay me! So that class is only Monday evenings and New Testament is 1-2 on Mondays and Wednesdays. The last class I'm going to try and add is today at 4:30... Shakespeare in Film... so wish me luck! I had the same professor for another Shakespeare class, so I'm hoping she'll let me in just based on that, but we'll see. Well, I need to go get some lunch before the baby wakes up! Love you all!

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BriAnna Jenkins said...

Good call on the history of creativity... i really enjoyed that one!! We need to get together... seeing as how we STILL don't have grades for spanish, i don't feel good about having a "hooray it's over" get together yet, but how about a birthday get together for someone special?? Let me know what you think!