Thursday, January 17, 2008

Classes, classes...

"Hooray for me!!!"

So I am OFFICIALLY signed up for all of the classes I wanted to take this semester. New Testament, Manufacturing, and Shakespeare in Film. And Zac has all the classes he wanted, too. But he was able to add all of his with no problem...mine was a different story. I don't know if I've explained this before but I'm going to do a brief summary of the hassles I had to go through the past few weeks:

So in order to register for classes online, one must not have any "holds" on his or her account (i.e. academic probation, no financial balances, etc). Well, I had to pay tuition. We paid Zac's, so no problem there. We just had mine, which we were going to get a loan for. So I couldn't sign up for classes because I needed tuition. Well, you can't get a loan unless you are signed up for classes (same with financial aid). So, do you see the insane, vicious cycle I was thrust into? No classes because of no money. No money because of no classes. And round and round we go. Well, by some miracle, it was all squared away when I went to add my classes in person today. If you're not LDS, feel free to skip this next section because it will be all spiritual and loaded with church-y terms and junk.

* * * * * * *
I was called into the Relief Society Presidency as a secretary about 3 months ago. I struggled with accepting the calling because it was a bit overwhelming at first and, being a "recent" convert (for this ward's standards, at least!) I don't feel like I have any place accepting a calling with that much responsibility. But eventually, I accepted and I've been doing my job. I don't feel like I've really gone above and beyond, but I am trying my best to carry out my responsibilities and serve faithfully. Then we had a meeting with the Stake presidency this evening. Long story short, one of them said to me something along the lines of me bringing a lot to our ward presidency and that I don't give myself enough credit. I thought about that on the way home and I realized that I really am being blessed for my service. There have been a lot of things that have come up in the past few months that really could have thrown me in the past, but I have been able to take it all in stride. And this whole tuition/class thing was really starting to stress me out, but sure enough as soon as I acted on it, all was well. So I just want to acknowledge the promises made to me in my blessing when I was set apart that I am being blessed in all aspects of my life for my service. It's such an amazing thing!!!
* * * End of Spiritual Junk * * *

So it was a good day. For me, at least! Poor Logan, though. He went for his 6 month immunizations today. Some oral vaccine for rotavirus, then one shot in his left leg and two shots in his right. Poor was so sad! It was sad in the past, but he doesn't cry like a little baby anymore. It's like a really, really sad cry and you could tell it hurt him so much! He was whimpering for like 10 minutes afterwards. It just broke my heart. But we've been following up with Tylenol every four hours and massaging his chunky little thighs and he has been doing fine. Sleeping like...well, a baby, right now. Forgive the pun. And speaking of chunky thighs, this picture is from Sunday when he was in his spiffy Sunday clothes after church, but Zac had changed his diaper and left his pants off. I thought it was the cutest thing...his white shirt, little tie, and a diaper. Precious!

Well, I guess that's all for now from the FREEZING cold state of Utah. Hope all is well wherever you're reading from!! Love you all and miss you tons!


Zach and Kate Hulet said...

This is the cutest picture ever. Holy smokes has he changed! He is starting to to shape instead of being a baby blob! I had no idea everyone was coming to St. George this weekend. I wish we could be there but life is SUPER crazy right now. We have to meet up soon. We miss all of you guys!!!!

Benjamin said...

Logan does look so much more grown up! He has a lot more hair and his face is taking shape. What a cutie! He has the sweetest little smile. I'm so glad everything is going well for you--that you got the loan and the classes and your calling is going well. I love reading your entries!


Sara said...

My little Sarah is growing up! Secretary in RS??! How exciting! I'm so proud of you-- you're so awesome! And what a dang cute baby you made (well, I guess Zac had a little to do w/ it too!) Anyway, keep up your greatness! Love ya!

Lisa C said...

I love the Dunder Mifflin shirt! I have a similar one :) He looks so cute in a tie on Daddy's knee, so sweet!