Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vacation Recap...

A thousand apologies, BriAnna! Our vacation was soooo busy, I literally never had time to post. So here's what happened:

Our flight was supposed to leave at 11:59 pm on the 23rd. It was delayed until 1:30, but we found out before we left the house, so we had an extra hour and a half to just kick back and relax at home. The flight went well and Logan was a perfect little angel! Zac's mom picked us up from the airport the next morning in good old Rochester. We were all exhausted and starving, but happy to be home. So happy, in fact, that when we got to Zac's parents' house, we had to take a 2 hour nap. After that and a nice hot shower, I zipped over and saw my parents and the puppy!!! I miss them so much!

The next day was Christmas (I'll post about that later!) Followed by party after party after party. Friday we all went to the temple while my parents watched Logan. Then Sunday the 30th, Madison was baptized!!!! It was awesome.

New Year's eve Zac's whole family went to Adventure Landing in Greece. Logan was too young to appreciate it, but the rest of us had a blast.
After two exhausting hours of that, we randomly ended up at Zac's brother's wife's mom's house and we ordered Country Sweet Wings. Mmmm, wings!!!! I miss them, too! After dinner, we headed back to Bloomfield to play some serious Settlers of Catan (which I won TWICE) and watch the ball drop. Then we rang in the New Year with some Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice...the only way to do it, in my opinion! Tuesday Logan and I went to a meeting for my parents' Buddhist practice. It was nice. After that was Christmas at mu Aunt Janice and Uncle Bob's house...where we met Logan's newest 2nd cousin, Jacob. He was only 4 days old...and soooo tiny! He was only 6 12 when he was born. Logan was that size when he was a fetus!!! Hahaha...

Well, the 2nd was our last full day home so a bunch of the kids and I went ice skating. Madison and I had a good time skating together! Then my mom took me birthday shopping at Old Navy and Macy's. I made out pretty well!

We left the morning of the 3rd and got back to Salt Lake with no problems. I got our bags while Zac picked the car up from long-term parking. While I was at the bag-claim, I saw a girl from my English class last semester. Then I ran into her again while we were loading the car outside. And she was sitting there waiting for her ride, freezing, and not getting a hold of him. Well, we couldn't just let her sit there so we offered to give her a ride back down to Provo. The only thing was we barely had room for the three of us and our luggage as it was. But somehow, Zac fit it all in. Granted, the front seats were all the way forward, Zac's knees were up around his ears, and I had a duffel bag on my lap that almost covered my face entirely, but we all fit! Once we got home, we slowly started to unpack and chowed down some Wendy's for dinner. We're slowly getting back into the swing of things here and getting ready to start school on Monday.

So that's what happened while I wasn't posting! Hope you all had a fabulous holiday!

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BriAnna Jenkins said...

YAY! these are the posts I have been waiting for!! It looks like you guys had a awesome time, and I can't wait to catch up! Let's plan a get together soon =)